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Owner and lead floral designer, Felicia has been working in the floral industry for 14+ years. She began her journey working for Krueger Floral n' Gifts in Schofield, WI then moved back to her hometown in Hudson, WI and started Florology in 2013. She joined forces with Twin Cities wedding planner Jessica Wonders in 2016 and served as the senior lead floral designer for Jessica Wonders Events and Aster Wonders until 2020 when those businesses closed doors due to a change in career for the owner. Working for a wedding planner and a wholesale florist brought a lot of strong operation values into Felicia's role as a florist. Punctuality, communication, logistics, quality, sustainability, freshness and seasonality to name a few!


As a self-professed flower geek, Felicia loves finding new ways to present color and artistic style to her designs. Together with our small but mighty team, she takes our clients’ ideas, interests, dreams, and traditions to craft florals reflecting our couples’ distinctive style and character. We LOVE the little details! Whether it’s including a family heirloom, foraging for wild floral ingredients, sourcing locally grown blooms, or hunting down that perfect peony from our various wholesalers; it is our joy to create innovative floral compositions that are uniquely yours.

Photo: Leah Fontaine Photography

with permission from Jessica Wonders, LLC



Felicia Kohlhagen



14 years experience

Fav Flower: Freesia

Being a flower nerd, Felicia loves anything that gets her outside and in nature! She likes camping, kayaking, fishing, hiking and hunting down and identifying various wild flowers and foliage with her husband and 2 daughters. Her family loves travel, and usually schedules a big trip in the off season to somewhere warmer! On her days off, she spends her time off gardening, baking bread, playing with her girls and reading cuddled up with her cat. When she's not nerding out over flowers, she's fangirling over Harry Potter, LOTR, Star Wars, Marvel, Outlander, ACOTAR, or Musicals.

JW Team, Jeannine Marie Photography-23.j

Amber Pauley


9 years experience

Fav Flower: King Protea

Felicia's sister and right hand girl! Amber loves hanging with her husband, daughter and her doggo Finn (full name: FN:2187). Amber's spends her weekdays during the school year as a high school counselor at Red Wing High School. She is very passionate about helping kids and adults alike. She loves music, travel, and reading - plus she's a geek like Felicia.


Olivia Barwick


2 years experience

Fav Flower: Hydrangea

Olivia went to school for art education and works during the week as an art teacher for the Menominee school district. With her fiance, Olivia has 2 kitties (Eliot and Frey) and a hedgehog (Ember). She's currently writing a novel and enjoys experimenting and creating at home with different art forms.



What does that mean?

We try to source our flowers as close to home as often as we can. Our workshop is located within 15 minutes of 3 local flower farmers that we joyfully collaborate with to get you the freshest flowers grown with loving hands. Sometimes the flowers our clients want are not able to be sourced locally (*ahem* Midwest winters...) so we also work with WI and MN based wholesalers that make it a priority to source American grown flowers and foliage.

We compost all of the stems and scraps from the cutting room floor, as well as recycle any cardboard and plastic packaging to make our footprint as TINY as possible. The extra work is worth it in our opinion!

When hired for teardown, we deliver your leftover blooms to local nursing homes to enjoy for the rest of their vase life. This brings joy to our local senior citizens and Felicia's 8 year old who loves to assist in nursing home deliveries!

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